Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My hobby, My Favourite, My Interest.......‧:❉:‧

This time i would like to share with you guys about my hobby, interest and so on. So i will start with my hobby, actually i don't have the same hobby every years. My hobby will change every years. Some of my hobby in the past is collecting stickers, and also stamps. Then, i also like to buy japan comics and the best thing is even its quite expensive i'm willing to buy it. I will read those comics before i went to sleep. At least 1 comic i must read it in 1 day. My hobby changed again and this time is more better than before. My hobby now is reading. I like to read article, stories or poet. Most of it i will read it from www.iluvislam.com. For your information there is some of my hobbies that constant until now that is watching TV and also sleep with my mom....

I will continue with my favorite food and drinks. Before this my favorite food is laksa and until now i still like it... especially my mom laksa. Its like the best laksa in the World...!! Alright continue to my favorite drinks which is Milo before this but now it has changed to watermelon. Maybe because now im grown up Milo is seems to be to childish to me. This is just my opinion, for those who their favorite is Milo no heart feelings ok.... (*_^)

Now my friends, i will like to story about my interest or my dreams... From the very beginning me and all my sisters and also my brother have been thought and have been set in our mind to open our business. So it has influence my interest also. I like to open my own business very much, but i don't decided yet what kind of business i want to open. In mind now, i want to open my own woman wears and accessories. That is for now, I don't yet in the future, maybe it will change.... Where i want to go for my vacation or where i want to travel outside Malaysia....??? I want to go to Egypt.... I want to go to Makkah, house of my CREATOR. I really hope i can go there in my young age.... 。◕‿◕。

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