Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Cute Little 'MONTEL'.......‧:﹎。❤

MONTEL...... This is my cat name. My only cat. My Montel is female cat. She's so cute and adorable. How Montel came to our house..?? Montel is actually bought by my father through his friend. My father know how I love to have a Persian cat. Without my knowledge, my father and also my mom plan to find or just buy it. so in this evening, I was shocked by my father called that tell me he have something for me. At that time, i'm actually working with my sister. So I get so nervous and excited. My sister, Shuhadah suddenly sent me a MMS picture of this cute little kitten. I can't hold my feeling to get home early but I tried to calm down. At 10pm I arrived at my home. In the moment i step up in my house, I see this little cute kitten is run over here and there. Maybe because she don't know and feel comfortable at my house yet... I was so excited, i grab her and hug her and kiss her several time. She was so cute. I asked my father why he picked Montel and he said that she was the 1st kitten that ran to my father feet when my father arrived at place that he bought her.Luckily she is so cute.....

Now, this will be my job to train her and teach her. I let her slept in my bathroom for 3 days so she will know where to pee or ehem.. hehehe... Within that 3 days. I felt so sorry to her but I Have to do it whether I like it or not.Montel favorite thing to do is catch any insect that she found. Butterfly, cockroach, ant and so many else. Whatever things that she found from outside, she will bring it in. She also love to drag any clothes that she found. Even that clothes is so big and heavy she will still drag it with her mouth. My house now is feel like have a baby lives there because of the mess that Montel did. She loves to sleep in my sister's room. She also loves to sleep near to fan or air-cond.
Now she's about 1 year age. But still she's very cute and she has become more naughty. She's now like to go outside and play and she will return back at night. Hhhmmm.... I know what she want... But until now she still don't have any kids.... Montel is also like my alarm clock. Why...?? She like to disturb me at 5 in the morning..!! She will bite my leg and will come to my face until i awake. Sometime i feel like want to yield at her but I tried to not to.... 。◕‿◕。

Montel now is a part of our family. She's the one will make our family laugh and happy with her action. How she sleep, eat and many other things make us laugh. She have to be accompanied while she's eating. I was very satisfied, happy, exciting and many else with my father gift that is Montel to me.... I love my father and my mom very much. Thanks for fulfill my dream. I love u guys so much.......  «-(¯`v´¯)«--

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